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PREMISE - Use the 'KIS' principle to research, design & build a super energy efficient high quality new home under 2,000sq.ft. living area

QUIET - Solid polyurethane foam core Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) construction for roof and exterior walls

HEALTHY Indoor Air Quality - Whole house filtered fresh air exchange system and whole house water filtration

COMFORT - Consistent and constant indoor air temperatures provided by thermal mass of the finished concrete floor of the whole house. Thermal energy, warm or cool, delivered by innovative hydronic radiant system via embedded tubes in the slab. No forced air operation - no hot or cold drafts.

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Hydronic Heat Pump Reverse Cycle Chiller operates continuously for 3-6 hours in a 24 hour cycle (NO short cycling of compressor operation), operating overnight in summer and afternoon in winter, thereby producing super high operating efficiencies


UTILITY SAVINGS - Electric use bills from Tucson Electric Power expected to average near zero dollars on an annual basis!


COST EFFECTIVE - Permanent energy efficient features 'paid' for with reasonably priced finish products and, for example, by no need of any tile and carpet floor covering


FINANCIAL GAIN - Hundreds of dollars each month 'in your pocket' with near zero utility bills.

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